Mezuzah Cover


Design your own fused glass mezuzah cover
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Design your own fused glass mezuzah cover
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1. Place clear glass base with the smooth side facing up.
2. Clean the clear glass, using Windex glass cleaner. Dry it off with a dry cloth/paper towel.
3. Layout your design, and don’t leave any gaps between the glass tiles.
4. Place all leftover glass tiles in the bag.
5. Photograph your project and email the photo to me
6. Clean each glass tile.
7. Carefully open the glue jar. Dip the toothpick and apply a little glue on each tile.
8. Make sure all pieces are glued to the base.
9. Once the glue dries, pack your project back in the box together with the glue jar and leftover glass tiles.
10. Affix the return label to the box.
11. Make sure the box it closed well.
12. Go on USPS.COM to SCHEDULE A PICKUP (under quick tools)
13. You’ll get your back project within 14 days.

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