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About Ilanit

Ilanit Shalev Art Studio About Us Page ImageWelcome to Ilanit Shalev Art Company. Here you will find information about fused glass classes, as well as some fine works of fused glass art. But first, a little about the artist. Ilanit was born and raised in Haifa, Israel. In 2002, her family got an opportunity to move to Portland, OR. Just being “Off the boat” Ilanit was exposed to the beauty of fuse glass art. She applied for a 3 hours introductory to fuse glass class and immediately fell in love.

After 2 years in Portland, the family moved to San Diego, CA. This is where Ilanit started to build her own studio. She studied at Pilchuk and the Studio at Corning Museum of Glass and had the privilege of working with some of the most distinguished glass artists from around the world.

As time passed Ilanit developed her own voice in fuse glass art. Ilanit continues mastering the material by participating in professional programs with other international artists.

Ilanit has just completed two new series that focus and highlight some of her life events. Her most recent pieces were awarded and published in the New Glass Review #39, as well as finalist at E-Merge 2018.

Ilanit developed a program of learning through the arts and she is educating kids and adults about the beauty of fuse glass art by teaching throughout Southern California.


This in home glass fusion class with Ilanit was to celebrate my sister’s birthday. There were four of us and we had a fun experience. Ilanit was personable and pleasant to work with…explaining the process to create our glass pieces. I would recommend this experience for anyone wishing to delve into their inner artist and make a beautiful piece of fused glass jewelry! My sisters and I liked it so much we are going to take a class at her studio and create more pieces.
We were a large group 11 women, I think! We had such a great time. So much fun and Ilanit was so helpful and nice!! I just picked up the finished products today and wow…… they are absolutely beautiful. Stunning she says 🙂

What We Offer

Ilanit Shalev Art Company is leading the way in fused glass education for adults and kids throughout Southern California and the entire West coast. Offering flexible schedules at your own location or in our studio, we will be happy to assist you, whether you want to structure an entire teaching program, take a workshop or create a school curriculum.

We offer DIY at home packages that includes everything you will need to create your own masterpiece in the comfort of your own home. Packages include materials, tools and guidance.

In addition, we offer fused glass instruction in our studio. Here is a list of our most popular programs.

  • Private/semi-private classes for adults and kids

  • Group workshops for team building

  • After school programs

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.